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My promo code doesn't seem to work! What do I do?

No worries. Technical issues happen all the time! Take a deep breath, finalize your cart, and just click submit! Shoot a quick email to with your name and discount code, and you will receive a reimbursement back onto your card promptly! We apologize for the inconveniences and troubles that technology brings, but your discount code will still be valid if it is used properly and within its expiration date. 

Do ALL Honey Belle products contain honey as an ingredient?

No, not all of them! Only if the ingredients lists it. Although honey is a wholesome and anti-viral, healthy ingredient, not all of our products contain honey. As for the name “Honey Belle,” the Founder intended it to stand for 'natural beauty.' We went more towards the connotation of honey; the sweet, natural, and pleasant ambiance it captures. For those of you allergic to honey, please read the ingredients list before enjoying.


I notice the soaps and cleansers don't produce a lot of bubbles, are they not cleaning/working?

Most commercial soaps and cleansers actually add chemical ingredients such as “sodium lauryl sulfate” in order to produce a more foamy, lathery feel. This chemical can be very harsh on the skin; big bubbles created by this chemical substance tend to be harsh and damage the skin, thus making it dryer. Small bubbles and creamy lather for soap and cleansers are most ideal! 

Since there aren’t any chemical preservatives in the product, how long is the shelf life?

Many of our products are self-preserving (ie, they contain little to no water content, making it an unideal and unhappy place for bacteria to grow). We use antioxidants, natural preservatives, and chemical alternatives to preserve our products, which is a lot more healthier and less harsh on your body! Keep them out of direct sunlight, and instead onto your skin where they should be! The products are best used within one year of purchase date.

If I'm not satisfied with my purchase, will I be able to return it?

We'd love for you to be satisfied with your purchase. What's so cool about natural products is that they work in tune with your body, rather than against it. We strongly suggest you to read our reviews before purchasing, and after purchasing, use at least 3-5 times before creating a strong opinion about it. Here is our return policy.

For Online orders: Please contact us within 21 days of your purchase at if you are not satisfied with your product(s).

For in-person purchases at Events/Tradeshows: All sales are final. 

For in-person purchases at Boutiques/Partners: Please contact them directly. 

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