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The passion for improved skin health plus the inspiration of seeing possibilities

in people suffering from illnesses, lack of confidence, and self-esteem

fueled a young woman with a vision:

a vision of natural beauty and healthy hygiene

With that, Honey Belle was born.


"we started reading the ingredient listings...

There were so many ingredients that we couldn't recognize, let alone pronounce." 

Growing up in a family with doctors of natural medicine, natural health and the knowledge of what’s good and bad for the body were always crucial in daily life. 

Iris's mother began to develop skin irritations and allergies from commercial products.  Thus we began to take the matters into our own hands...

"Shortly, I developed psoriasis. I suddenly became so aware of what I was putting onto my skin. I realized as a broke college student,

I couldn't afford anything considered 'healthy' in the market." 

Iris's mother (Dr. Hou) began making homemade remedies with herbs

and her knowledge about natural medicine.  

After sharing them with her daughter as well as her patients,

Iris became inspired by her new-found knowledge

and awareness of what she was putting onto her skin. 

"I began to replace each and every one

of my beauty products with natural recipes..

And I fell in love. I couldn't wait,

to share them with everyone around me." 

As a broke college student, Iris realized she

wasn't able to afford organic and 'good' products

out there in the market.

So she began to hit the books, internet, and kitchen!

She began to replace each and every beauty product

in her regimen with natural recipes.

"It wasn't until people who were

willing to try my products out on Instagram,

started emailing us saying:

'Honey Belle is changing my life',

'I feel like I can use less make up now',

'I feel so much more confident in my own skin',

that Calvin & I decided to let go

of our full time jobs,

and chase this passion

to make a difference

in other people's lives."  

Fast forward, we're making products from our HQ

in Southern California (goodbye kitchen!),

popping up at local farmers markets to share our story,

and bringing health and compassion

to the community with our #SoapsforSouls project.

"My vision in making my products price-conscious 

is to have great products more accessible to everyone.

I can easily mark up my products and make billions,

but that's not my focus.

I'd rather give back.

Giving back is so important,

and it's something that fulfills me."  

Help us help the community.

Walk with us on our journey towards health, hygiene, love, and compassion.

Thanks so much for making a difference with us.


CEO, Founder, Creative Director | Iris Cherng

COO, Production + Sales Director | Calvin Hang

Wild Trouble Pup | #GarrixtheHusky


& the HB Team 



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