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We are happy to declare that,

Every handcrafted soap purchased from our store,

We are giving one to an individual in need,

with love & compassion,

From You



Right now. Thousands of people in the Los Angeles homeless community are becoming diseased, and suffering from the lack of access to hygiene. These diseases begin to spread to their environments and peers, and sickness circulates within the community.
The predictable future. Disease become severe, and many are admitted into hospitals, while others endure in the streets without access to medical care. With cleanliness absent in their lives, there is struggle to live healthy and well.  Without access to a proper method of hygiene, more and more people become diseased and ultimately face death from illness.
What we're doing. We present the opportunity for cleanliness, health, love, and happiness for individuals in need. We aim that these underprivileged individuals receive that there is love and compassion within the greater community. For every soap purchased, we are donating one to someone in need of hygiene and care. 
What you can do. Make a difference with us by washing with one of our bars of soaps. Not only are YOU making a difference to yourself by taking care of your health and hygiene, you will know that you just made a difference to another individual in your community and in your world. 
Our vision for the future. With your help, we aim to expand this project so that other individuals in the community and all across the globe, can be beneficiaries of your contribution. Let's make the world a cleaner, happier, and healthier place, and make a difference together.

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