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Honey Belle enters into the Forbes Under 30 Change the World Competition, for the largest challenge ever for young social entrepreneurs.

Take a look at the Competition Questions below, and read about how we aim to change the world. 

Fill in the following one-sentence “mad-lib”: We provide A for B; B has a problem C which is solved by D.
We provide healthy and affordable products for both men and women of all ages, that have a problem with being unaware of immersing their skin with chemical toxins, which is solved by the awareness of and access to healthy hygiene and healthy beauty.
Describe the market need for your company/organization and the way you assessed that need.
The beauty industry is overwhelming with commercial companies that are mainly in the market to make money. Most commercial beauty products are filled with toxic substances that deliver unpromising results, and ultimately, harmful consequences for its users. Due to the health trend, the developing population is becoming more aware of lifestyle regimes to live and eat healthy. This health trend is powered mainly through dieting and health-conscious food intake. What most people fail to realize is the effects of what they’re actually putting onto their skin (up to 64% is absorbed into the bloodstream), rather than through their stomachs (which acts as a filter). Honey Belle provides natural & quality products at an affordable price, so that every individual has the access and the opportunity to experience and learn about their skin.
Imagine your company/organization/idea at its full potential. What does it look like? How will you get there? What barriers or obstacles do you foresee and how will you overcome them?
At its fullest potential, we will be impacting individuals everywhere across the globe. With our #SoapsforSouls campaign, we will impact lives by providing charitable products and educating the developing communities healthier ways of hygiene. In developed communities, individuals suffer from lack of self-love and being unaware of healthy forms of beauty. We are targeting young teenagers to adults by teaching them healthier and more natural ways of beauty. By holding workshops in schools, as well as senior homes and places of gathering, we will educate people about their skin and provide them alternatives to the toxic-filled products that are the majority of drug stores and high-end beauty shops. We aim to revolutionize the skin industry by making people aware of what they’re putting onto their skin, and seek to be the trend-makers by making being ‘skin-conscious’ the next big thing.

By impacting more and more customers and publicizing our company’s beliefs to more and more people, we find that the lifestyle changes and skin health knowledge is making its way to transform people’s lives. The more people we reach and inspire to join our journey, is how we will get to our fullest potential. The main challenge will be financial, however with fundraising and gaining support from like-minded and passionate individuals, we will arrive and succeed with our Vision.
What motivates you?
The biggest motivation to pursue my vision for seeing the world in a better place is grounded in my ambitions to bettering lives for healthy hygiene and cultivating individuals’ self-esteem and self-love. Receiving support from friends, family, and especially strangers, and seeing returning customers definitely encourages myself to stay driven in my commitments. The most impactful of all is when I receive personal messages and emails from customers around the world, telling me their excitement about their new-found love and confidence in their own skin, and the love they feel from taking care of themselves with all-natural and wholesome products. The way these products transform their lifestyles is in a way that no other company has made them feel. Their new insight and new perspectives about taking care of themselves, along with their new confidence in their own skins inspires me to continue to spread awareness, educate people, and provide individuals an access to these products in affordable and charitable ways.
Why should your company/organization be chosen to be awarded this money? How will the prize money help your company/organization expand its impact or accomplish its goal?
As people are becoming more aware about the effects of living unhealthy lifestyles, the majority of them focus solely on their diet and food intake. What many of them fail to realize is the effects of their skin intake, for the largest organ in the body. The beauty industry is one of the largest money-makers of most economies. With money on their minds, health isn’t much of a concern to the majority of commercial companies. The toxic substances in commercial products are absorbed directly into our bloodstream at up to 64%, contributing to the rising rate of cancers and other diseases that our modern world is facing.

My company’s root’s is cultivated with the passion for driving awareness and educating the health benefits of a natural lifestyle, advocating natural beauty and healthy hygiene. With aspirations to make a difference and revolutionize people’s perspectives upon skin health, our daily goals are elevating people’s self-confidence and self-esteem, making people comfortable in their own skin, and generally providing affordable products for people to be able to live healthy lifestyles. The contributions from HeroX and Forbes will play an instrumental role in our access to educating and bettering the world on a global scale.
How do you incorporate technology into your company/organization?
Access to the Internet has allowed us to reach a more widespread demographic, not only with educating and spreading awareness, but also having our quality yet affordable products be accessible through international and worldwide shipping via our E-Commerce platform. Very importantly, the use of various social media channels plays a vital role in gaining exposure with individuals on a global scale, thus becoming engaged with our worldwide customers, and being able to create relationships with them, but most of all, sharing our knowledge of healthy hygiene to individuals across the globe.
What does social impact mean to you? How is this idea reflected in your company/organization?
Social impact is how our company affects the well-being of the community around us. At Honey Belle, we believe that every action has a reaction, and our priority is helping people achieve better health--including physically bettering skin health with our products, providing mental stimulation with education about ingredients, as well as bettering emotional health by flourishing one’s confidence and self-love. The impact we’ve had on the community thus far includes both men and women becoming more aware of their skin health, to the point where they are spreading their knowledge to their own communities; individuals who suffer from low self-esteem becoming more mentally healthy in their growing confidence in their skin; and lastly, the positive impact to the environment from using recycled plastics and paper, as well as incorporating biodegradable resources into our recipes.
How do you track, measure and report impact?
The measurement of our impact is demonstrated not only by the increasing amount of sales we receive (30%-50% growth per month), but also by the increasing communication among our growing clientele. On a consistent basis, we receive purchases from loyal and returning customers, which illustrates their love of the product and its impact on their lives. We track the responses on our social media, which includes: follower base, mentions, reposts, and conversations. What substantiates our impact even more, is receiving feedback from our customers sharing with us how the #lifeofaBelle lifestyle has transformed their lives, including an increase in self-esteem and the growing confidence in being comfortable in one’s own skin.

Who are the people most likely to benefit from your product/process/service, and how many of these will you reach this year?
Although our primary product line caters to females from the ages of 16-35, our products are beneficial to individuals of all ages. In addition to our primary Honey Belle line, we currently have a men’s line, H.Life, designed to cater towards males to bring awareness to healthy grooming. Furthermore, by the end of 2015, we will launch our Dr. H line, catering towards maturing skin; by the end of 2016, we will launch Baby Belle to provide infants and toddlers quality hygiene. Moreover, we plan to launch a product line for man’s best friend--our companionate canines by the end of 2017. With our Vision and ambitions at our priority, our company will benefit people all around the globe and even the animals we love dearly. Within this year, we estimate to reach an average of 10,000-15,000 new customers and leading interests. By averaging 250 new customers per month, by the end of the year, we will reach 3,000 customers. Most importantly, when our customers share their new-found love for Honey Belle to 5 people in their lives, we will mostly likely reach at least 15,000 individuals by the end of 2015.
What other two groups/individuals do you perceive to be the greatest change-makers in your sector, and what can you learn from them?
The two groups that have made the biggest impact in our sector is Lush for their expansion and innovation, and 100% Pure for their authenticity and integrity. Lush has been the leader of handmade cosmetics over the past couple decades. Their innovation for different product formulations is truly inspiring, while their expansion to all areas around the world has been extremely successful in a matter of years. On the other hand, 100% Pure keeps their formulations authentic and wholesome, while they truly keep their integrity, as their products are made with biodegradable formulas, printed on non-toxic vegetable ink, and their corporate offices are run by 100% solar energy. Ultimately, both companies are the leaders in creating innovative and fresh products, but most importantly, they give back to the community in raising funds for local and impactful charities around the world.
How many full time employees does your company/organization employ?
Have you gone through any accelerator/incubator programs as a company/organization? And/or have you personally gone through any Fellowship/individual programs? If so, please name the program and participation dates.
Myself, as well as my Vice President (the only other full-time employee), has gone through the Landmark Forum, including the Introductory Forum, Seminar Series, and Advanced Course sessions. The Landmark Forum and its series has provided us an access to lifestyle transformations where we discover our personal constraints and have become inspired to make a difference in other people’s lives. My participation dates were January, March, and April 2015.
Thanks for reading everybody! Let's Change The World!


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